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3/2/18 4A-DII Boys Sub State @ Lindsborg3/1/18 4A-DII Girls Sub State @ Lindsborg1/26/18 Smoky Valley vs Clay Center12/19/17 Smoky Valley vs Haven12/5/17 Smoky Valley vs Southeast of Saline3/11/17 2A State Boys Basketball Finals - Sacred Heart vs St. John3/11/17 2A State Girls Basketball Finals - Central Plains vs Wabaunsee3/10/17 4A DII State Basketball - Holcomb Boys vs Topeka Hayden3/9/17 5A State Basketball - Goddard Eisenhower vs Wichita Bishop Carroll3/9/17 5A State Basketball - Wichita Heights Boys vs Pittsburgh3/9/17 5A State Basketball - Salina Central Boys vs KC Schlagle3/8/17 5A State Basketball - Newton Girls vs Leavenworth3/8/17 5A State Basketball - Salina Central Girls vs KC Schlagle3/8/17 4A DII State Basketball - Smoky Valley vs Holcomb3/4/17 Boys Substate Finals - Smoky Valley vs Concordia3/4/17 Girls Substate Finals - Clay Center vs Concordia3/3/17 Concordia Substate2/23/17 Smoky Valley @ Kingman2/21/17 Smoky Valley vs Hillsboro2/14/17 Smoky Valley vs Lyons2/10/17 Smoky Valley vs Pratt2/3/17 Smoky Valley @ Hesston1/31/17 Smoky Valley vs Hoisington1/27/17 Smoky Valley @ Clay Center1/20/17 Sterling Tourney - Smoky Valley vs Beloit1/20/17 Sterling Tourney - Smoky Valley vs Hutch Trinity1/19/17 Sterling Tourney - Hugoton vs Beloit1/19/17 Sterling Tourney - Smoky Valley vs Southeast of Saline1/18/17 Sterling Tourney - Sterling vs Southeast of Saline1/18/17 Sterling Tourney - Smoky Valley vs Remington1/6/17 Smoky Valley vs Halstead1/3/17 Smoky Valley @ Haven12/16/16 Smoky Valley @ Halstead12/3/16 Bethany Women vs Kansas Wesleyan12/2/16 Smoky Valley vs Abilene11/22/16 Bethany vs Ottawa3/3/16 Sub State - Smoky Valley vs Chapman2/23/16 Smoky Valley vs Kingman - Senior Night2/19/16 Smoky Valley @ Pratt2/16/16 Smoky Valley vs Sterling2/13/16 Smoky Valley C Tourney2/12/16 Smoky Valley @ Halstead2/9/16 Smoky Valley vs Nickerson2/5/16 Smoky Valley @ Hoisington1/30/16 Tri-County Huskers playing in SES Tourney1/29/16 Smoky Valley @ Clay Center1/23/16 Smoky Valley Freshman Tourney1/22/16 Sterling Tourney (Friday Finals)1/21/16 Smoky Valley vs Lyons1/20/16 Smoky Valley vs Southeast of Saline1/18/16 Sterling Tourney (Monday)1/16/16 Smoky Valley JV Girls1/15/16 Smoky Valley vs Haven1/12/16 Smoky Valley @ Hillsboro1/8/16 Smoky Valley @ Lyons1/5/16 Sacred Heart boys @ Southeast of Saline1/5/16 Smoky Valley vs Larned12/11/15 Smoky Valley vs Concordia12/4/15 Smoky Valley @ Abilene2015-16 Button Photos11/20/15 Late Night in the Valley!2/24/15 Smoky Valley @ Kingman2/13/15 Smoky Valley Sweetheart vs Halstead2/6/15 Smoky Valley @ Hesston2/4/15 Barton County vs Dodge City2/3/15 Smoky Valley vs Hoisington1/30/15 Smoky Valley vs Clay Center1/24/15 Salina Invitational Tourney - Day 31/23/15 Salina Invitational Tourney - Day 21/22/15 Salina Invitational Tourney - Day 11/16/15 Smoky Valley @ Haven1/13/15 Smoky Valley vs Hillsboro1/12/15 SVMS vs Hesston1/09/15 Smoky Valley vs Lyons12/19/14 Smoky Valley @ Halstead12/16/14 Hesston @ Smoky Valley12/12/14 Smoky Valley @ Concordia12/5/14 Smoky Valley vs Abilene10/27/14 Bethany vs Haskell2/21/14 SVHS @ Hesston2/25/14 SVHS vs Sterling2/11/14 SVHS @ Hillsboro2/7/14 SVHS @ Halstead1/25/14 SIT Championship1/23/14 McPherson Tourney Day 11/24/14 SIT 5th place games1/18/14 SVHS JV Tourney1/17/14 Pratt @ SVHS1/16/14 SVMS vs Hesston1/14/14 SVHS @ Haven1/11/14 SVHS Freshman Tourney @ Lindsborg1/10/14 Halstead @ Smoky Valley01/07/14 Hillsboro @ Smoky Valley12/20/13 SVHS @ Sterling12/17/13 SVHS vs Lyons12/13/13 SVHS @ Concordia12/6/13 SVHS @ Abilene2/12 SVHS vs Lyons1/8 SVHS vs Haven1/7 SVMS vs Sterling1/4 SVHS @ Halstead12/18 SVHS @ Hillsboro12/17 SVMS @ Haven12/7 SVHS vs Concordia12/6 SVMS vs Lyons12/4 SVHS @ Buhler12/3 SVMS @ Hillsboro11/30 SVHS vs Abilene11/19 SVMS vs Hesston11/15 SVMS @ Sterling11/12 SVMS vs Halstead11/08 SVMS vs Haven11/05 SVMS @ Southeast of Saline